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    I liked the idea of this and did December for free . I got 3 books and 2 extras . One book I will not be reading because it’s a second book in a series so that was not a great thing to get . I won’t be buying the first one In the series because it wasn’t something I was into. For free this wasn’t a bad thing to try and I think for 8$ it wouldn’t be bad either but I will have to wait and see after another month or 2 .

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      Hi Krysta, If you received a 2nd book in a series, Book #1 was also included on that same page. We will never send out a book #2 without Book #1 being included 🙂

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    Received my December books happy with the selection looking forward the coming months

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    I am happy with the first books that came in my ebook in a box. I changed my choices in hopes of getting more of one type of book next month and like how easy it is to make adjustments. The first book I read was good and I am optimistic about the rest! Nice product!

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    Got my first one January. 31 and love it! Four books that all sound really good. Only problem was trying to decide which to read first. To Krysta: I got the 2nd book in a series too and if it’s the same one, “engaged to an alien pop star” you can read it without having read the first book. I didn’t get the first book either and haven’t read it. Book #2 stands alone on its own. And it’s a fun read.

    • :

      Hey Margaret!

      Glad you’re enjoying your eBook inBox. Alien Popstar should have Book #1 included on the bottom of the page of Book #2.
      We will never send out book #2, etc. in a series without including book #1.
      The only exception would be a book series that can be read as stand alones. (There is a series of historical romance books that several different authors wrote that have nothing to do with each other but are labeled “Book 5” etc.) 🙂

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