how it works



The moment you realize you’re a hopeless book geek who needs a monthly fix, click on the Lit-Cube website and subscribe to the monthly box service.


we collect nifty stuff for you

Wait as patiently as possible while we scour the internet day and night, night and day, without ever sleeping, to find awesome books and high quality book-geekery products just for you!

you receive monthly surprise cubes

Each month your Lit-Cube will be delivered right to your door, bringing joy and an all over warm and fuzzy feeling to all of those in the immediate area.

open your cube and let the fun begin!

Once the screams of joy and the jumping up and down has subsided, open up your Lit-Cube and enjoy the entire book themed experience!


LitCube is gonna be awesome!

These people can’t wait!

LitCube Unpacking Videos