The SophistiGeek™ brand was originally founded in 2015 as a bookish subscription box, Lit-Cube, by Author and Mother of Five, Peggy Martinez. It was funded, in part, by crowdsourcing via Kickstarter in March of 2015. It has since grown and evolved into so much more. In 2016 Peggy also began a subscription box for super fans of the amazing television show, Gilmore Girls, where all the products are inspired by the fictional town of Stars Hollow, hence the name "Stars Hollow Monthly". The company went from sending out 500 subscription boxes monthly to thousands in a matter of a year. In 2017 the company continued to grow, experiment, and change, expanding past offering only subscription services and into manufacturing and selling its own products independent of the subscription box world.
   And everything shifted.
   With the shift in its business core the company felt the need to establish themselves as a brand (SophistiGeek™) and make Lit-Cube & Stars Hollow Monthly an important (but small) part of an ever-growing, ever-geeky business.